RESEARCH | HOLISTIC LEARNING | CREATION for vital food and living

With BEAR (Beautiful Earth Action & Research), I work with (inter)national organisations/businesses and local communities to continuously research how to create sustainable food systems and vital ways of living. I assess the (dis)function of the whole life cycle of products & services and their relationships embedded in living systems. I evaluate where and how to improve and revitalise the intention, the language, the design and the ecological, social and economic footprints; I identify alternatives; and support the creation of radically new ways of living and doing things. TeachingAmongBeechTrees

I invite people to step outside four walls and step into the outdoors, whether their balcony, garden, a park, or a maintained or wilder ecosystem like a forest, the dunes, a river system, desert or mountains. I seek to engage their whole being, raising an awareness, a consciousness and a waking up of the senses to meet the more-than-human world. Through walking and asking questions, I guide people to think, feel, intuit and sense how to live. How to integrate their passions and their talents, their personal and professional lives, their dreams and visions, and how to align an economy based on ecological values and principles towards vital, beautiful and functional living systems.

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